Friday, October 22, 2010

White Chocolate Caramel Apples

So...I am completely in favor of a holiday where anything goes.  How can you not enjoy a holiday where it is perfectly normal to walk down the street covered in "blood" and everyone giggles?  How can you not love a holiday where your children beg to where their Cookie Monster costumes in public, and you happily agree?
Most of can you not love a holiday where it is APPRECIATED when you cover a piece of healthy fruit with sticky and chocolaty goodness?  This is totally my kind of holiday. 

I had to give Little Bo Blue's teachers a little somin'  somin' I busted out the Caramel Apples.  But, I of course, have to pretend I work in a candy store, so I dipped mine in White Chocolate and then poured on the cinnamon and sugar.  Did I mention how much I love this holiday?

Start with Granny Smith apples.  Scrub them with a veggie brush to get ALL of the wax off. Dry.  Melt your caramel.  I put mine in the microwave.  You can melt it stove top...but I am way to impatient.  I just used 2 bags of Kraft Caramels. Put a stick in your apple.  I pounded mine in with a hammer.  Be careful not to bruise the bottoms.   Dip the apple into the caramel.  Scrape about 1/3 off of the bottom of the apple against the sides of the bowl.  That way, you don't  have a puddle of caramel on the bottom of your apple.  Place on wax paper.  (Note: I put my wax paper on a cookie sheet, then spray a little PAM on the wax paper.)  Put into fridge.

Melt your chocolate.  (Again...just in the microwave.) Take cooled caramel apples out, then dip into chocolate.  Shake off excess of gently tapping the stick on the bowl.  Cover in a Cinnamon/sugar mix using a shaker.  I call it a shaker.
 I have no clue what it is called in real life. 

Done-zo.  So good. So easy.  You look so AMAZING when you make them.

6 Granny Smith apples
2 bags of caramels
2 bags of white chocolate candy melts
1/2 cup of sugar
1 T cinnamon ( or more to taste. I like mine really cinnamon-y so I use a bit more.)
Lollipop sticks

NOTE: Combine sugar and cinnamom before you start.


The Ottesens


I want these. For Thanksgiving? Sweet.

Fuji Mama

Um,you have me drooling here! So not fair...I want to be one of Little Bo Blue's teachers! Let's see...I could teach him something, I'm sure of it! Let me get back to you on that one. ;)


You have inspired me. I have always wanted to try these, but never had the guts! I think I might try them for Christmas! :)

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