Friday, August 20, 2010


Bread and I have a love/hate relationship. I love to make it, but it hates me. It never rises. It is always yummy...but a bit brick like. I have been ranting to anyone that will listen about my bread making woes. My new friend Shelly came to my rescue and sent me a video link and a recipe that changed my life. Okay...well maybe it didn't change my life...but I finally made a yummy loaf of bread that ACTUALLY looks like bread! And...wait for is whole wheat. Holy smokes...I am amazing. ;)
This is the only pic I got. A finished product. My earlier attemtps I gave up on the process pics. But click on the link for the recipe and a video tutorial.
Now for the recipe...

There is a great print-out for the recipe. It works really good and it is sooo yummy!


The Ottesens

If you have a little girl, she could be Little Bo Pink. How clever.

I want some of this bread. You should make some at Thanksgiving. Put it on the menu list. ;)

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