Friday, August 6, 2010

The three B's...Boy Blue's Bathroom

So, when we moved to Southern California, we followed the masses that bought...wait for it... a foreclosure. With a great deal, came ALOT of work. Which...I am always down for! So, I have been walking the rooms of my house for a year now, and we are becoming acquainted. We did the obvious things when one buys a house; new carpet, paint, blinds, etc. But, I have "a feeling" when I go into certain rooms in my house. That feeling always tells me how I have to be introduced to each room, and figure out what "belongs". Needless to say, some introductions take much longer then others. and Boy Blue's Bathroom have had some conversations. Some included cuss words that are not be discussed here. We bought an old house, so I have to be patient with all of my FABULOUS ideas. So for now, it is paint and new accessories that will bring this once ugly room to life. Not to mention, my absolute FAVORITE Cricut. If you don't have one...get one. It will change your life.

I decided to go with Monsters. They are so dang cute. I think they say "a boy gets clean here". Monster. He had WAY too much fun being a goof ball.

I then pulled out my CRICUT, and got to work. I cut out letters on their vinyl. You can usually find it at any craft store. I also bought the cute frames at IKEA. I blew up the pics of Boy Blue to 5x7.

Cut out some cute circles and squares. Let your inner designer reign free.
Added a few on the other walls...just because I wanted to.

Pretty cute...if I do say so myself.


Craig, Sarah, Liv & Sev

Will you come and decorate my house?
SO adorable! Kel you need to be a designer!!! I'm serious

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