Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little Boy Blue's Birthday...Cake!

Little Boy Blue turned 5 this week. So exciting! I cannot believe he is already five years old. So, to celebrate, it is our tradition that he get to pick out which cake he wants. In true, wannabe Supermom fashion, I try my best to deliver. His requests are getting trickier as the years go by. This year he hit me with " I want a cake with dead dinosaur skeletons." Say what? I tried my best.
My Inspiration..."dead skeleton dinosaurs."
Most people see a cute doll cake pan...not me. I see a volcano cake pan...that's right, I said it...VOLCANO.

Awesome cake pan. That is all I can say.
You can make your own funfetti cake by adding whatever color of jimmies you have to your vanilla cake mix. It will work...I promise.

The volcano. I used about one and a half cake mixes for this.
Chocolate covered volcano.
Added a little piping gel for a lake, with coconut for grass. I know...I got out of control.
TA-DA!! Prehistoric madness.
I went though Boy Blue's toy box to add my own touches here and there.
Dyed Vanilla frosting for LAVA. Boy Blue helped...we got a little nuts.
Dead Dinosaur Skeletons...his favorite part, of course.

I love how T-Rex is bigger then the whole cake. Boy Blue just HAD to have him...so he did.


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