Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to School

For our Back to School night at church, me and La Fuji Mama, were put in charge of the food... go figure. Well...I don't really know if we were put in charge, as much as we begged to do it. (And the way...I am friends with La Fuji cool is that?) So, we got together while Bo Blue was at school and got our BAKE on. We made these adorable apple cupcakes. Unfortunately, La Fuji Mama got sick and didn't get to help with the cake I was on my own. Eek! They turned out so freakin' cute. I had so much fun making them. Bakerella is my hero. (She is the amazing genius behind cake pops...look her will love her!)

I put mine in a block of floral foam covered in tin foil. I was worried that floral foam would be all over my pops.
Put em' in a cute lil' basket.

They look so darn cute!

Fuji Mama and I made these little babies.  So yummy!
Little Bo and La Fuji Mama...such a cute pic of her...I look like I have taken a sleeping pill. 

Oh come on...just try it!!  You will love em'!!



Lovin' the cake pops. Come make some for my kindergarten class! Better yet, come teach me how to make them and then make them for my kindergarten class.


those cake pops turned out so cute. I never have had good luck making them. It was nice seeing you at Camp Blogaway.

Barbara Bakes

Such fun ideas! I love Rachael - how fun that you get to hang out.

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